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Build functional software for your trading business that works exceptionally well. Our trading software is suitable for traders, dealers, brokers, investors and individual companies who are into Stock Market, Forex Trading, Crypto Currency etc . Get live updates, advanced trade analysis, reports and all unique online trading features that can help you with high-end decision making.


  • Real-Time Stock Prices
  • Trading Reports
  • Advanced Trade Analysis
  • In-Depth Market Watch
  • Multi-Featured Trade Calculators
  • Trade Website Support
  • Live Currency Rates
  • Trade Forecasts
  • Graph Analysis
  • Render Space For Multiple Trade Exchanges
  • Trade Decision Support

How we do it ?



We start off with in-depth learning about what you expect to have in your trading software. At WhiteCloud, we have a team of financial experts who can guide you with needed information to plan the trading software features. As it’s a combination of intense trading knowledge, analysis, and technology, we club our team of web developers, data analysts and our online marketing experts to deliver the top of the range trading software.



Creating any random output is never the mode of operation for us. WhiteCloud wizards are keen in developing the best-of-the-best trading software that gives you unmatched trading status for your business. Be it in any demographic region, we help you plan, trade and scale up your trading business with the trading software built for you. We do technical analysis and fix trading indicators for your trading software by analyzing your focused trade markets and profit goals.



Once all the features and details are determined, our skilled team of software experts builds the specialized trading software specifically as you need.



Once past the building stage, we get into the inevitable final phase called software testing. Our software testing experts deeply analyze how the system works and each part of the software is carefully tested to find any malfunctions. Multiple testing is done to ensure your trading software performs exceptionally good. It’s handed over to you with full-fledged support from our technical team.

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