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Your logo is the face of your business and we know how to do it right. Make a memorable impression about your company by creating the right identity for your business. A professional logo helps you build a premium brand image that brings you increased profits and benefits.

Why Need Logo Designing ?

Create a long-lasting impression

Build an identity for your business

Get a professional face for your services& products

Achieve high ROI by having a premium brand image

Stay ahead in customer's mind

How we do it ?



From golden arches to half bitten apple, you know how important it is to create a powerful logo for your business. We start off with our creative logo designers who at first learn every needed detail about your company and its end goals. We gather maximum information from you such as elements on which the logo has to be used such as billboards, business cards, letterheads etc and also about the target audience. Logos we design at WhiteCloud are focused to attract the targeted customers, so as to create higher leads and ROI.



We don't see creating your logo as another designing task. Designing the perfect logo for you is as important to us just as it is for you. We treat it as the greatest designing challenge and bring out the best as the outcome. Our next step starts with in-depth research to find the detailed aspects of your logo that can attract your targeted customers. We learn about your business and customers to find out what excites them in terms of design.



Great logos are the result of great concepts. From colors to themes, we note down the visual symbols and keywords that can represent your brand ideally and sketch it on paper. Our passionate designers work on it until they create the perfect set of concept logos for you.



Next step is to create it digitally. Logos sketched in the step of ideation is put to life using designing software, so by assessing its marketing and performance collateral's and presume where it should be used. We then create multiple logo designs and patterns for you to choose from the best.



Once chosen we deliver your logo in multiple formats for you to use it on various platforms. Voila! You get a new face for your business!

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