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Easy To Use HR Application

Quick & easy to create and manage the HR operations within your organization. Be it hiring, onboarding, employee management, attendance, leave tracking, performance assessment, etc. We have got everything covered for you.

Smart Payroll Application

Say goodbye to spending time on mundane processes. Instead focus on people of your organization and foster a great company culture. Prepare and manage the salary, bonuses, expenses, deductions and increments of your employees in under a few minutes.

Fully Integrated Platform

Use our wide range of HR & Payroll solutions such as web & mobile based access integrated with advanced report generation tools, salary calculation in single click, digital on-boarding tools and data security tools all integrated in a single application.

100% Privacy Protected

Ideal For Businesses Of Any Size

Easy To Use Interface

Fair & Affordable Pricing

Training For Your Staffs

24X7 Technical Assistance

How will our HR & Payroll Management Application help you ?
Easy & Faster Management

Automates and streamlines HR & Payroll aspects with powerful features like employee data, leaves management, attendance tracker, payroll management, etc. Our application is built with a simple interface so that your employees don’t require any hardcore training to use the application. All it needs is just a fraction of the time to manage the whole HR & Payroll activities of your organization.

Creates Great Hiring Practices

Hire the best employees for your organization, and weed out the less qualified candidates using our application functionalities like background checks, resume parsing, and application screening. You can also compare resumes, qualifications, interviews, and manage references with ease.

Saves Time

Automate the mundane and time-consuming HR & Payroll tasks and save a tremendous amount of your employee hours. Our application will help you to focus on human elements by helping you to resolve employee grievances and create employee benefits programs, which helps you to enhance the company culture.

Get Actionable Insights

Improve your HR operations by getting access to actionable data to make smart and timely decisions. Review your labor statistics, individual employee performance using KPI’s, hiring data, ROI & financial turnover, thereby improving your overall HR & Payroll operations. It will help you transform your organization to be the best place to work and boost efficiency.

Improve The Morale Of Employees

Take care of your employees by giving them timely benefits and remuneration, and also by providing them transparent access to the employee data. Employees get access to their attendance summary, performance metrics, and allotted benefits so that they know exactly where they stand in the organization. It will help to improve the morale of your employees.

Increase Employee Efficiency

Improve the efficiency of your employees using our employee self-service features, where employees can submit timely requests, communicate effectively with their peers and managers, analyze their performance reviews and view their complete information in one go. Our application can also be accessed from any mobile device, thereby providing ease and convenience for your employees & managers.

Easy Labour Management

Manage employee recruitment, training, retention, performance, grievances, and education, all in one place. Our application gives you a complete picture of your employees for you to analyze their strengths and skill gaps, so as to devise required training and provide constructive feedback to your employees.

Access To Employee Data

Get access to current and historical HR & Payroll data using our simple mobile interface and login details. It will help you to review employee information and prevent any errors related to employee data. Access to this information will help your organization to save a tremendous amount of time and effort, which may otherwise be spent on manual data searches.

Plug The Profit Leaks

Detect and prevent cost leakages through tighter management of expenses using our application. Our tools help you manage payroll and employee benefits and assists you to identify any cost leakages by automating variable costs management. It will ensure your financial calculations related to HR & Payroll are error-free, and profits are saved without digging a hole in your pocket.


Detect and prevent cost leakages through tighter management of expenses using our application. Our tools help you manage payroll and employee benefits. It also assists you to identify any cost leakages, by automating variable costs management. This ensures your HR & Payroll related financial calculations error-free. You can enjoy improved profits without digging a hole in your pocket.

Less Manpower

Get one-third cost reduction and lesser manpower by automating all the HR & Payroll tasks like recruitment, employee screening, assessments and payroll management. All you need is a few clicks to find and manage data. Our application helps you eliminate errors and process delays, saving thousands of employee hours every month.

Eliminate Errors

Do you know that Payroll error costs companies £700 million in the last financial year ? Get a birds-eye view of your processes, and identify the errors and fraudulent practices in HR & Payroll activities. Using our application you can reduce the risk of manual human errors, save money, and increase the efficiency of your business.

Secure Your Information

Prevent information breaches and protect your data and information, using our extensive system security tools. Our application encrypts your data against outside invasions by implementing role access restrictions and also safeguards your entire HR & Payroll system against internal threats.

Get Relief From Regulatory Aspects

Avoid hidden losses to your organization and prevent huge penalties. Using our application you can easily manage monthly tax calculations & deductions, and also file statutory remittances. Our application automatically updates all the timely changes like amendments, changes and tax slabs, so your organization can stay ahead always.

Risk Mitigation

Do you know that email communication alone cannot save your organization in legal disputes with any of your employee ? What if they tell you that they haven’t read the email ? Our HR & Payroll application offers a ‘Read & Accept’ facility that offers a paper trail sent to the employees with a particular message, which recordically ensures that the content is read and accepted by the employee.

100% Privacy

Add and manage sensitive data about your employees and payroll, using our secure application. You can bring particular information to the employee, making sure that they don’t retrieve it. Whole data in the application will be password protected and only the people whom you have assigned roles can access it.


Easily manage the HR & Payroll operations & Automate Processes in single click.

Manage the mundane and tedious HR & Payroll tasks of your organization in just one go. Our application helps you manage the hiring, on-boarding, daily activities, performance, salary and all other HR & Payroll related activities seamlessly.

From now, you don’t have to worry about the human errors and profit leaks in your organisation, as our application will take care of everything. It helps you save tremendous time and costs, which you may otherwise spend on hardcore HR & Payroll activities.

Advanced Hiring Tools & Digital On-boarding

Manage Unlimited Employees & Departments

Attendance Tracker & Leave Management

Customized Salary Management In One Click

Document Management

Advanced Report Generation

Easy & Secure Data Management

Employee Tracking


Add, edit, and manage an unlimited number of employees in your organization without any restrictions. Each employee can sign up for their employee account from any device for free.


Add, edit, and manage any number of departments in your organization. You can structure multiple departments as your organization grows.


Add new roles and assign permissions & privileges for each role. You can create, edit, and manage roles with various authorization levels to control the operations within your organization.


Control the Payroll program by adding, editing and managing wage types which can be used for assigning payments and deductions to compensate the employees.


Flexibility to add, edit and manage any number of salary components including earnings and deductions. You can also automate and manage the salaries, wages, deductions and bonuses of each employee, based on their leaves, taxes and expenses.


Add, edit and manage multiple designations of your employees. You can assign privileges and password protected accounts for managers with varying designations.


Organize and simplify your HR & Payroll processes by adding different salary patterns. You can also add different salary and payslip templates to add a touch of your brand.


Prepare the salary of your employees in a single click. Our one click payroll processing tools helps you manage complex salary components in just a few minutes.


Add and track employee attendance. Our attendance tracker module is connected with the Payroll system and other HR functions. You can aso track the working hours logged by each employee.


Manage employee leaves and add fully customizable leave policies, holiday lists and employee requests, all in one place. Your employees can seamlessly apply for leaves within the application. Once approved by the manager it will be added automatically added to other HR & Payroll functions.


Foster better workplace communication between the employees and management. Employees and managers can communicate and collaborate within the application using their own devices from any location.


Automatically calculates bonuses and arrears for multiple employees in a single click. You can add rules for bonus calculation. Easily calculate arrears by comparing current and previous salaries in just a few minutes.


Add and manage the salary and payment rules of your organisation easily within the application. You can customize the salary master module to suit the needs of your organization.


Add, calculate and manage PF & ESI according to the statutory rules with reference to e-filing. You can also calculate TDS, reimbursements and add Form 16 within just a few clicks.


Generate payslips, yearly salary reports, performance reports and other payment reports instantly. Your employees can access their payslips from their respective individual accounts.


Calculate and manage expenses of your organization in a single click. Employees can easily apply for holidays and claim expenses within the application.


Automatically updates the changes in statutory laws like changes in tax slabs, so that you don’t have to worry about updates in laws.


Add, store and manage the employee documents such as experience letters, address proofs and reference letters which can be accessed from the application anytime and anywhere.


Add and manage multiple shifts of your employees and managers of your organization. Your employees can also make requests for shift change and your managers can approve it easily.


Take informed decisions about your organization using our seamless data analysis reports. Analyse the performance of your whole organisation and calculate ROI based on our data reports.


Manage the exist of your employees easily with our one click HR & Payroll modules. You can easily calculate the pending salary, deductions and bonuses, so as to complete the exit process seamlessly.


Attract new talents using our digital onboarding tools by reducing the paper works and hiring the best employees for your organisation. Employees get on-the-job training and it will also help you to track the on-board activities of your new employees quickly and automatically.


Helps you prepare and distribute vacancy announcements. It will also help you to analyse, pre select and evaluate job applicants easily. Our advanced recruitment tools will assist your HR managers to hire the best employees for your organization.


Analyze and assess the performance of your whole organization as well as your individual employees. Our advanced performance report generator tool will also help you to add and manage customized Key Performance Indicators.

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