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Top 8 Benefits of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) in 2018

Ad and Analytics

On AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages), the HTML codes used are codes are conducive to the higher visibility of the ads and the serviceability of the banners.

Reduce Loading Time

On mobile, AMP sites load much faster, efficiently and accurately compared to regular sites.


Lower bounce rates

Bounce is a process in which a user who enters the website immediately leaves. Users immediately leave websites that are slow to load and since AMP increases the loading speed, it can drastically reduce the bounce rate.

Enhanced SEO

Regular websites needs to be tailored separately for mobile interface. But AMP sites display a customized version of the website when you open them.

Adjustment on any browser

AMP website web pages adapt and integrate to the type of browser used, whether it is chrome, fire fox or internet explorer. It is fast and efficient on any browsing platform.


Mobile Friendly

AMPs can easily be accessed through mobile devices. And since most people who are on a journey or going to work can easily visit AMP sites if they have access to internet on their mobile devices, it increases the visibility of the site even further.

Optimized Data Consumption

AMP sites can be installed on your phone as an app, without ever needing to use the app store. Apps downloaded through app stores consume more data.

No Sitemap required

AMP websites do not require a sitemap. The AMP site url are directly read by google itself.

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